Live Portuguese covers

Though a bilingual singer, I sing exclusively in Portuguese

I’m known for bringing tears to my audience’s eyes as I mitigate their ‘Saudades’ with my songs.

My solo performances are suitable for events and venues such as…

  • Welcoming visiting dignitaries
  • Consulates of Portuguese-speaking countries
  • Cultural and cross-cultural events
  • Universities and colleges where Portuguese is taught as a language
  • Corporate events
  • VIP Private Concerts
  • Keynote Concerts

Of all the places I’ve played, I cherish most the invitation to perform solo at the Embassy of Portugal (India) and on RDPi.

My primary instrument is the guitar – a plugged-in acoustic guitar and mic are the only instruments for small, intimate settings.

For larger shows and venues, I use a midi guitar plugged into intelligent accompaniment arrangers and vocal harmony processors.

What do I sound like? You guessed it – very much like my idol, Tony Carreira! Here's a sample of how I sound live — just me and my lovely PA doing our thing in the bedroom (her full name is Korg PA3X).