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Noel is best known for his renditions of popular Portuguese covers and I’m a big fan of his renditions of Portuguese Contemporary Pop music. He is one of few musicians that has the ability to take an existing popular song and make it his own, but at the same time, do justice to the song as the original artist intended.”

— Mark Fernandes 🇬🇧

Eu tive o privilégio de ouvir o Noel Gama cantar em português uma das suas composições e fiquei sua fã! Foi no programa cultural que celebrou o “Dia de Damão” no dia 2 de Fevereiro de 2012 e toda a iniciativa foi extraordinariamente organizada a nível mundial pelo próprio Noel! A sua actuação foi um êxito e todo o público adorou ouvi-lo cantar em português sobre as saudades da terra onde nasceu. Espero poder ouvir brevemente mais música da sua autoria e desejo que continue o magnífico trabalho que tem vindo a realizar em prol da música e da cultura Damanenses!”

— Cristina Ameida Academia de Música de Vilar do Paraíso 🇵🇹

I have always been fascinated with the Portuguese language but when I heard Noel sing in Portuguese, I was mesmerized by the songs and his melodious voice. I never knew Portuguese music could be so delightful until I heard Noel’s version of popular Portuguese songs. He not only has a rich voice – the crystal-clear words seem to flow out of his lips as effortlessly as in speech.”

— Janet D’Souza (India) 🇮🇳

Noel, muitos parabéns pelo sucesso da tua apresentação musical no Instituto Camões em Nova Delhi. Foi um justo e merecido prémio para a forma persistente e coerente como tens defendido a especificidade da cultura Damanense e, também, a herança cultural portuguesa em Damão. Naturalmente, espero que outras oportunidades surjam.”

— Dr. Adelino Rodrigues Da Costa Antigo Delegado da Fundação Oriente na India 🇵🇹

Noel Gama is a very creative musician, who has developed his own inimitable style. He has performed cover versions of popular songs as well as his own compositions at many occasions. All his performances display a flair and a style that he is now renowned for. He is indeed a musician and entertainer in a class of his own!”

— Gerard Fernandes 🇬🇧

Noel Gama é um músico de alta qualidade entoando músicas e letras próprias entrilhando a audiência com a sua perfeita rendição musical, e o único que se dedica com tal profissionalismo e eficiência que lhe torna muito apreciado e popular.”

— Victor Fernandes Presidente, Associação Luso-Indiana Damanense 🇵🇹

Noel can bring out deep emotions through his music. His brilliance is in his ability to mould his music to play on your feelings, he takes you along in this wonderful journey of sound. He is an artist who makes you part of his canvas of lyrical beauty.”

— Anoop Sukumaran 🇹🇭

Conheci o Noel Gama, numa visita oficial, enquanto Dirigente Associativo Nacional. O Noel é por demais um entusiasta das tradições portuguesas, da musica portuguesa e da língua de Camões. Para os mais incautos, o Noel Gama dedica muito do seu pouco tempo de ócio á escrita e á musica.”

— António Bessa Carvalho 🇵🇹

Noel, you have really made it happen! If it wasn’t for you, this great and beautiful program wouldn’t have been there. Keep it up Noel! You are great and we are there to give you full support for your future needs. Viva Musica Portuguesa!”

— Allen Coutinho 🇬🇧

Noel sings Portuguese songs awesomely, making his concerts very memorable! And besides the music, he also has got a very good knowledge of sound reinforcement, always making sure that he gets the best sound system for that clean signature sound he is known for.”

— Stanley Poojary Prop., Orange Digital Sound 🇮🇳

I am a great fan of Noel’s, having attended many of his performances at different places and events. He has his own unique style and silky voice – I mean, no copy cat! Noel, thank you very much for giving me such wonderful musical memories. You are a fab musician and a wonderful person.”

— Pradip Joshi 🇬🇧

Noel, as I know him, is a musician at heart first and then an HR person. He loves his guitar as much as his gadgets! No wonder he has been a One Man Band to thrill many an audience! I remember him once singing an emotional song (which he had himself written and composed) to an audience of over 1000, with just a single guitar in his hands for accompaniment – the crowd was spellbound!”

— Prasanna Joshi General Manager - Lagu Bandhu 🇮🇳

I do not know even the A-B-C of Western music but Noel’s music touched me so much that I’d sway my head, eyes closed, in appreciation and enjoyment. Such was the melody of his music and he in turn appreciated my typical South Indian invocation of the Lord. In short, music is divine, East or West!”

— Varada Prasad 🇮🇳

I am privileged to hear Mr. Noel Gama play. I find that his music brings out the pathos in me and at the same time his music is vibrant. It wakes you up, makes you sit up and take notice. I wish he continues to play more frequently and for long. I wish him well.”

— S B Prasad 🇮🇳

Mesmerising vocals, competent playing and the amazing ability to establish an instant connection with his audience – that’s Noel!”

— P S Mann 🇮🇳

Noel Gama is a great and talented singer and musician. His simplicity, humility, kindness and outstanding personality make him stand out above the rest.”

— Maria Franco Fujairah 🇦🇪

A gifted singer/songwriter Noel’s songs are touching and espouse causes one can empathize with.”

— Leslie Machado 🇮🇳

Noel has performed at the Coast Guard Air Station, Daman, on various occasions with utmost dedication, sincerity and absolute professionalism. He is an excellent musician and is capable of enthralling the audience for hours together. An entertainer in a class of his own!”

— A G Thakurta Asst. Commandant - Coast Guard Air Station Daman 🇮🇳